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5 Tips for Finding Cheap Flights

Jordan is a multifaceted man, but there is one thing he is known for: finding great deals on flights.

We've flown from Phoenix to Chicago for as little as $15 each, to Costa Rica for $160 round trip and Beijing for $600 a ticket.

But how does he do it?

1. Purchase one-way tickets

Instead of buying an airline's default pair of round trip tickets, buy a one-way ticket. This will allow you to pick your own returning flight, which could be cheaper on a different airline.

For example: We flew Spirit Airlines from O'hare International into Cancun, Mexico. But on our way back, we flew Frontier because they offered a less-expensive returning flight. If we would have stuck with the round trip tickets Spirit offered, we have have paid more... much more.

2. Use other airports

It may sound crazy, but sometimes it’s cheaper to fly into a different city before you arrive at your final destination.

We’ve found that Denver is one of the cheapest airports to fly out of (especially if you use Frontier Airlines). To capitalize on the savings, we've flown into Denver before we hit our final destination or returned to Denver before flying back home. And if you're planning a European vacation, we've heard that Dublin, Ireland is an inexpensive city to fly in and out of.

Try searching for departures or arrivals at a different airport location—you may find it’s cheaper to add a few hours to your trip than getting a direct flight.

3. Search on weekdays

The rumors are true: You can get cheaper flights on certain days. We usually find that flights are more expensive when you search during a weekend, and we think it’s because that' when more people are dreaming up trips with their friends and family.

Instead, try searching for flights during a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon. It could help you save a few bucks or even a few hundred.

4. Be flexible

If you’re open to the dates you want to travel (versus picking a date before you shop), you can pick the cheapest flight offered that week. We always start by searching for a one-way ticket on a random date, and then scan the rest of the week/month for cheaper rates.

5. Don't buy too early

Forget the hype about buying your tickets ahead of time. If you can wait until the last minute to book a flight, you'll find cheaper rates. That's because airlines slash prices in order to fill the rest of the plane.

We usually wait until two weeks before departing to search for and purchase tickets. It's saved us hundreds—maybe even thousands—over the years.

You can fly cheap, too

It’s not a matter of scouring the internet for hours. These are simple tips anyone can use to fly cheap. If you purchase one-way tickets, fly to other airports along the way, and search on certain days close to departure, you can find great deals just like the flight guru Jordan.